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27th International Nuclear Physics Conference 2019 (Glasgow, 29/07/2019)

The 18th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2019) (Bari (Italy), 10/06/2019)

The Seventh Annual Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference (LHCP2019) (Puebla, Mexico, 20/05/2019)

NEW TRENDS in HIGH-ENERGY PHYSICS (Odessa, 12/05/2019)

MPGD19 (The 6th International Conference on Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors) (La Rochelle, France, 05/05/2019)

APS Quarks to the Cosmos (Q2C) (Denver, Colorado, 13/04/2019)

Connecting the Dots 2019 (Valencia, Spain, 02/04/2019)

WONP-2019 - XVII Workshop on Nuclear Physics (Habana, Cuba, 01/04/2019)

Rencontres de Moriond: QCD & High Energy Interactions (La Thuile (Italy), 23/03/2019)

13th International Workshop on High-pT Physics in the RHIC/LHC era (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 19/03/2019)

3rd Heavy Flavour meet 2019 (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India, 18/03/2019)

JPS 2019 74th annual meeting (Kyushu University, Japan, 14/03/2019) (Kyushu University, Japan, 14/03/2019)

19th International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research ( Saas Fee, Switzerland, 11/03/2019)

19th International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research (ACAT) (Saas Fee, Switzerland, 11/03/2019)

COST Workshop on Interplay of hard and soft QCD probes for collectivity in heavy-ion collisions (Lund university, 25/02/2019)

15th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation (Vienna University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Gusshausstraße 27-29, A-1040 Vienna, Austria, 18/02/2019)

Lake Louise Winter Institute 2019 (Lake Louise, Canada, 10/02/2019)

Excited QCD 2019 (Schladming, Austria, 30/01/2019)

Santa Fe jets and heavy flavor workshop (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 28/01/2019)

57th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics (Bormio, 21/01/2019)

Physics Beyond Colliders Annual Workshop 2019 (CERN, 16/01/2019)

HEP Software Foundation Workshop: Analysis Requirements Jamboree (CERN, 15/01/2019)

International Workshop XLVII on Gross Properties of Nuclei and Nuclear Excitations (Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal, Austria, 13/01/2019)

XXV Cracow EPIPHANY Conference on Advances in Heavy Ion Physics (Cracow (Poland), 08/01/2019)

The 35th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics (Vail, Colorado, USA, 06/01/2019)